A Opção


Who We Are and What We Do


Founded in 2008 by an alliance of young business professionals and entrepreneurs from the U.S. and Brazil through private donations, A Opção's (literally "the option" in Portuguese) networks in Brazil and in the U.S. actively seek out small businesses and vendors located in or around Favelas whose proprietors are motivated to improve their business models.  Once a business or vendor is identified, a team of Brazil and U.S. based volunteer consultants and advisors recommends ways of establishing a more creative and savvy market for the business and its surrounding area.  Customers benefit by being afforded a more stable market creating a sense of pride in the community while proprietors see their profits grow and their businesses flourish.  A Opção assists individuals in cultivating and launching new business ventures through local seminars and one-on-one counseling on topics ranging from management and marketing to pricing strategies, no matter the size of the business.

 A Opção also provides informational sessions and training in personal finance to those who have little or no experience in managing personal income.

A Opção strives to create opportunities for individual self-proprietorship, legal and financial stability and a larger commercial framework for those individuals living in Rio's Favelas who would not otherwise have these options.  From the former drug runner turned deposit broker to the owner of a local fruit business to the entrepreneur selling coconut water, A Opção volunteers strive to lend business acumen to those who need it most. 


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